Field sobriety tests are one way that the police judge a driver’s physical coordination and ability to follow and comprehend instructions. They are called tests, but really they are nothing more than an evidence-gathering tool. Test implies that you can pass it (and be free to go home) but there is no passing with these. You’ll never, ever hear a police officer say “You did great on the walk and turn. You passed! You can go home now.” They aren’t watching to see if you’ll pass. They’ve already made the decision that you will fail, the question is by how much. These tests are simply used to get more proof of a driver’s guilt. So if you’ve been charged with a DUI in Memphis and took the field sobriety tests, what do you do now? First talk to a qualified Memphis DUI lawyer. Your lawyer will know what questions to ask and what issues to look for. The first thing should be to get a copy of the video of you doing the tests. Law enforcement generally record drivers taking the fst after they’ve been pulled over and suspected of drinking. How you look on that video could be crucial to fighting the charge. You also want to look for any errors that were made by the police. The field sobriety tests are standardized by the federal government. That means the tests should be administered the same way, each time. There is a manual that directs how police should give the tests, and they must go through specialized training as well. If the tests aren’t given exactly as they’re supposed to in the manual, that could help you. By showing to the court that the tests you supposedly failed were not administered according to the proper standards, you can weaken the state’s case and take away a lot of their evidence. These are some of the issues to look for in analyzing a DUI case with field sobriety tests. There could be other issues such as your health, the weather, lighting conditions, and surface of the road. Each case is different. For help, contact Memphis DUI lawyer Patrick Stegall at (901) 205-9894 or

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