Talk to a Memphis DUI Lawyer to know what penalties you might be facing.

First offense

•11 month and 29 day-sentence

•Mandatory minimum of 48 hours in jail (minimum of seven days in jail if BAC is
.20% or higher)

•Probation for 11 months/29 days minus jail time served

•Fine of $350-$1500

•License revocation for one year; restricted license allowed

•Court-ordered alcohol safety school and community service

•Ignition interlock device may be required

Second offense

•11/29 sentence

•Mandatory minimum of 45 days in jail

•Probation for 11/29 minus jail time served

•Fine of $600-$3500

•License revocation for two years; not eligible for restricted license for at least one year

•Ignition interlock device must be installed and must be kept on for six months after revocation period

•Vehicle may be seized and forfeited

Third offense

•11/29 sentence

•Mandatory minimum 120 days in jail

•Probation for 11/29 minus jail time served

•Fine of $1100-$10,000

•Mandatory court-ordered alcohol rehab

•License revocation for six years; no restricted license

•Ignition interlock device required with license reinstatement if you have a prior DUI conviction within five years

•Vehicle may be seized and forfeited

As you can see, there are many consequences of a Tennessee DUI beyond serving jail time. Loss of driver’s license, fines, higher insurance premiums, and having the conviction on your record permanently all come with the charge. Note this last part: you can’t ever have a DUI conviction expunged from your record, and you won’t be able to go on judicial diversion for it. If you are in a profession that requires a license you may have to report a conviction to your governing board. For more information, contact Memphis DUI attorney Patrick Stegall.

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